We believe...

  • Students should be in a safe, caring, and positive school environment to learn.
  • In setting high academic and social expectations for all stakeholders.
  • In providing opportunities for success, learning, and leadership for all stakeholders.
  • In differentiating instruction for all learners.
  • Instruction should be data-driven, standards-based, individualized, and student-centered.
  • In fun, innovative, and meaningful teaching approaches that produce a life-long passion for learning.
  • In hands-on, project-based, and multi-media instructional delivery methods.
  • That students should learn to think critically, to problem-solve, and to understand and embrace diversity so that they contribute, both locally and globally, to an ever-changing society.
  • That parent and community involvement are essential and directly correlate to each child’s academic success.
  • That all stakeholders share in the responsibility and accountability for student development.
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