Objective 1.1

By 2014 and henceforth there will be an increased number of students in grades K-12 who will perform on grade level and higher in reading, math, writing, and science as measured by standardized tests.

Objective 1.2

Each academic school year, Somerset high schools will increase their graduation rate.

Objective 1.3

The number of Somerset Academy high school students enrolled in Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Honors, and/or virtual classes will increase each year.

Objective 2.1

Instructional staff in common core subject areas will meet highly qualified requirements in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Objective 2.2

100% of instructional staff and students will have universal access to a standards and researched-based curriculum incorporating the use of technology and other tools and strategies weekly.

Objective 2.3

100% of instructional staff will be trained in Marzano, State and/or LEA approved paradigm with an emphasis on teaching rigor in all lessons presented to students.

Objective 2.4

School budgets will reflect adequate funds for school safety.

Objective 3.1

School construction projects will be met or plans for new schools to NEST will be developed.

Objective 3.2

All instructional staff will participate in a Professional Growth Development Plan and meet 100% of the expectations outlined in the plan.

Objective 3.3

All student assessments will be utilized to place students into programs that meet their performance levels. Schools will continue to develop systems such as the implementation of a multi-tiered tutorial, push/pull out program, and/or after school programs to enhance students’ academic performance.

Objective 3.4

All schools will utilize data to drive curriculum focus and professional development.

Objective 4.1

By 2014 and henceforth, the stakeholder satisfaction will increase as measured by the annual climate survey.

Objective 4.2

Somerset leaders will develop systems to assist and increase communication to enhance student learning and school ratings by utilizing email and other electronic forms of communication with parents and community members.

Objective 4.3

Somerset schools will actively develop partnerships with community businesses and Somerset Academy Inc., in partnership with Academica, will explore grants to promote student success and school growth.

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